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Main fields of research activities at Rostov State Transport University

1. Railway rolling stock: study and construction of rolling stock units and assembly parts; improving of rolling stock maintenance and repair; automation of control modes;

2. Transportation and technology systems of state and regions;

3. Mathematical simulation of complex transportation systems;

4. Numerical technique, traffic flow optimization;

5. Developing of new materials and technologies;

6. Power supply of railway transport: study and designing of power supply systems and devices, increasing of their reliability;

7. Data transport systems, engineering communication improvement;

8. Train safety control improvement;

9. Constructive solutions and calculation methods of railway tracks, constructional materials;

10. Improving of economic and business activity of railways;

11. Railway transport administration;

12. Ecology, environment protection;

13. Development and implementation of resource saving technologies;

14. Development of new power and heat supply methods;

15. Development and implementation of new information technologies, diagnostic systems and automation systems;

16. Inspection of transport enterprises, industry and construction, of their industrial production, operation, materials and products;

17. Economics and professional education management, staff assistance in railway industry sector;

18. Development and implementation of new high-end technologies in transportation and production process;

19. Technogenic and industrial safety;

20. Transportation process and system intellectualization