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Practical tips

(Source: http://www.dontourism.ru/en/)

A good vacation needs a proper preparation: gathering as much information about the place of visit as possible, carefull selection of a companion, and after coming back spending the day at home to smoothly enter into a working rhythm. In order not to be disappointed by a vacation you need to choose a reliable travel agency and collect if possible complete information about the place you plan to visit, including safety for tourists.

A correct ending of a vacation is very important. If you want to go to work on Monday at eight o’clock – it is not recommended to arrive on Monday at three o’clock in the morning. You need at least one day to recover.

Talking about the optimal duration of a vacation it is worth to note that it is better to split a vacation into small periods, but one of them must be at least two weeks, so that you could switch over and relax completely.

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