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On the territory of the University campus there are four hostels for under- and post-graduate students. Three of these hostels (№1, 2 and 3) accommodate full-time students.

The hostels №2 and №3 have a block system of room arrangement; the hostel №1 combines a block system and a corridor system. The hostel №4 offers the rooms of a higher standard of comfort. The students live in the rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people according to the area of each room. In every hostel there are kitchens and showers with all the required facilities. Every student is provided with a bed, linen and other household stock. The hostels №1, 2, 3 are equipped with a wire internet.

Taking into account that the rooms are of different level of comfort and furnishing, the monthly price of living varies from 1200 RUB per a person to 3 000 RUB.